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>>174411 It's unbelievably tiresome to have a conversation with someone then have a autist disregard everything you've said and just say "hurr durr match my autistic writing style or I can't hear u" >>174417 >ain't no chum of mine Sure thing new fag enjoy never knowing the glory days.

Anonymous2016-09-06 04:49:00 No. 174471[View] /b/

>>174280 more likely to find lewds on her phone than her computer. So check out icloud/google photos if she's left it logged in.

Anonymous2016-09-06 04:39:00 No. 174469[View] /b/

>>174467 Yeah, was gonna say, no way OC like this came from Mchan, not saying our OC is bad we just don't do greentext story OC very often/if ever.

Anonymous2016-09-06 03:25:00 No. 174466[View] /b/

>>174456 >people don't like muh sperglord spam >must be a paid shill Yes chum, it most certainly must be.

Anonymous2016-09-06 03:10:00 No. 174465[View] /b/

Well don't know if true or not but didn't expect that end ! Good job nigga.

Anonymous2016-09-06 03:06:00 No. 174464[View] /b/


Anonymous2016-09-06 03:06:00 No. 174463[View] /b/

>>174449 Don't know chum, I don't know... I wish I have the answer. Unfortunatly for me drug as bad effect ( I always have bad trips , So it's useless if it make the things worst , right ?) therefore I don't take them All I can say is that it could be a way to deal with your problem , to have , like, a little break sometimes, to free your mind of all your issue for a brief period of time. It could help a bit, as it could not at all. Then if you really ask me, it depends... if you have serious problem in your life, I don't really know (i.e what I just said) But if it is for a girl, seriously you have better thing to do, like going out and seeing your friend I know it's hard, it really is ,but if you move your ass and see your buddy , go out to some bar or shit like that , you will progressively feel better. It is not easy but way better than only smoke weed to avoid these bad memories. If you are a foreveralone , then go back to the begening of my post Just my opinion though

Anonymous2016-09-06 02:38:00 No. 174459[View] /b/

>>174457 She's a healthy girl, just tiny, 4'11" 93 lbs

Outlander2016-09-06 01:13:00 No. 174457[View] /b/

>>167672 What is wrong with this person? Does it have some sort of medical condition?

Anonymous2016-09-06 01:01:00 No. 174456[View] /b/

>>174455 I think anyone here that complains, is a paid shill. Think about the complainers, we have the anti-pedo, and a history to go with it, Mara, Lucy, Molly, and a few moar that fucked off, but what is the shills problem atm? Its all about Molly, for no reason.


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