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>>14623 no...>>14604...is a fake geek girl, but thats OK, ITT

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:27:00 No. 181392[View] /b/

>>181388 >the older folk are more mature and tend to be more open towards people in general. yeah, I totally agree! that's in part why I'm so attracted to older men guys who are in their teens/early 20's can kind of be...bleh actually I am a mermaid >>181390 well you gotta give me somethin!! you can link me to reading something too if you'd like also out of curiosity, anyone use Loliwood studios for erotica? I know they shut down a long time ago

Outlander2016-11-27 03:27:00 No. 181391[View] /b/

>>181383 or you can ask me something here

Outlander2016-11-27 03:25:00 No. 181390[View] /b/

>>181387 >what should I say/talk about? anything really, i don't mind

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:24:00 No. 181389[View] /b/

>>181388 >*tend to be older

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:23:00 No. 181388[View] /b/

>>181382 From my own experience the best friends told to be older. Many people that I talked to on a regular basis (on a game I played online for years) were 5-25? years my senior. Some were in my age bracket and a small fraction were younger but the older folk are more mature and tend to be more open towards people in general. I tried opening that webm on a couple of my shitty media players and they both crashed. So as far as I'm aware, you're a pale fleshy dullahan with pink lips.

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:23:00 No. 181387[View] /b/

>>181386 mmm you don't have to respond you know you guys can ask about my sexual past if you'd like I'm scared of uploading pics of my face because I don't want to be recognized >>181385 what should I say/talk about?

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:21:00 No. 181386[View] /b/

>>181382 You should post more pictures of yourself, make yourself more attention worthy cuz right now it's kinda lame.

Outlander2016-11-27 03:21:00 No. 181385[View] /b/

>>181382 >haha thanks, the vocaroo I uploaded was pretty cruddy, but my mic should be here in a week or two! you should do more webms if your mic is so cruddy

Anonymous2016-11-27 03:18:00 No. 181384[View] /b/

>>181382 >I don't have friends irl. oh btw I mentioned this because you said you didn't have people from highschool messaging you and you mentioned gaming? I just got steam and played undertale, and binged on stardew valley (: lol >>181381 yeah, I don't like the celebrity drama either. I don't normally get into drama with friends unless it's me and previously mentioned british friend bantering about people lol mainly guys we talk to who are dummies sometimes


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