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Does anyone else get the feeling that somethings Gonna happen soon? Something phucked up and catastrophic?


Not really tbh Even if something big happened like if a country went to war with a super-power It'd be over in a couple of weeks/months now. The total lives one could kill in the blink of an eye is too great and many of the "true" powers that be wouldn't want that as it would reduce their money intake Whether they like it or not they need enough stupid people to collect on while they can relax


I agree, but anything is possible with that little fucklet in North Korea. He'll probably start another war. I also have grown to believe that our own above ground nuclear tests have messed things up quite a bit. That, and the waste from our nuclear power plants usually goes unchecked. Theres so much shit that causes cancer, and the masses scratch their heads, wonder where its coming from, and are reassured it has nothing to do with anything.