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For anyone who might have downloaded a userstyle for Enrive, or uses the Stylish browser extension, your browsing history is seemingly being tracked. Please read more at: https://enrive.org/nsa/thread/4524 Here is a quote from the thread: >Unfortunately, since January 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that I and its 2 million other users visit [EDIT - I am told that the Chrome version has had tracking since January 2017, but the Firefox version has only had it since March 2018]. Stylish sends our complete browsing activity back to its servers, together with a unique identifier. This allows it’s new owner, SimilarWeb, to connect all of an individual’s actions into a single profile. And for users like me who have created a Stylish account on userstyles.org, this unique identifier can easily be linked to a login cookie. This means that not only does SimilarWeb own a copy of our complete browsing histories, they also own enough other data to theoretically tie these histories to email addresses and real-world identities.

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