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What were your thoughts on soma?


I've played Penumbra series and Amnesia. I think this game is not better than either of them, certainly not amnesia which I consider a masterpiece. The horror is ok, but it is not the focus of the game as much as those previous titles. The scenes you go through are amazing, it was a great setting for the game, and the ending is pretty good too as well as the topic of it (robots and conscience). It just falls short on everything in my opinion. The horror is beneath their previous games, the gameplay is more simplistic than both games, the setting is good but doesn't carry the game completely on its own. I feel this game really needed more story to shine (which even amnesia has more, with the notes you read). I give it a 7.5. I wish they would have focused less on the graphics and polish and more on some distinct gameplay for this. The trailers with robot interviews had me hyped, but the game did not have moments like those. Ending was memorable though

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