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grab my pussy ! The most recent findings indicate that woman voted for trump in much larger numbers then anyone suspected, they have learned that his popularity with woman WENT UP after the pussy grabbing comment. Woman didnt vote for trump DESPITE the pussy comment; they voted for him BECAUSE of the pussy comment. It made him attractive to woman The magnitude of this is staggering .


>>6885 [Citation needed] The reason why his popularity grew is because one scandal after another emerged about Shillary. That thing is a disgusting criminal witch. A one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay is too good for her. That monster ought to be burned at the stake.


>>6886 i believe more and more it was a pro Trump vote, more so then an anti Hillary . and yeah...sure... Hillary and Bill are ARCH-criminals master-Minds; and Trump is just an honest business man; trying to save us from the monster-witch woman...sure ...what ever


>>6886 Hillary did not have sex appeal or a marketable image/message the way Obama did. Most people just saw her as an old corrupt smoke-filled room politician.

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