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So in the 1960s we had a jet that could fly 2100 mph and an airliner in development that could fly from the uk to the us in 2 hours and change. It's almost 60 years later and we have nothing that can beat this today. Anybody buying this? I've always believed that all these "alien" sightings are just military jets that are classified. Thoughts?


Nope, you don't get it. What we really had in the 1960s, was MONEY TO WASTE on unnecessary stuff.

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>>725 In the 1960s we had technology,in the 2000's we have niggers.Do the math.


Cost. Airlines are struggling already without having a supersonic fleet in their inventory, it simply isn't financially viable. The fuel required alone sets seat prices considerably higher than normal. Let alone the issue of supersonic noise (booms) over cities and other civilian towns and houses.


>>739 Y u no lieks Boomses?They keep the peasants alert.


>>725 I have trouble believing that intelligent aliens could have been visiting Earth since Biblical times with no hard evidence left behind.Secret military/experimental aircraft?No problem.


>>725 They are government aircraft but they were made with alien tech. Area51 is real and its known this is where secret high tech vehicles are tested. All the new aerotech is horded instead of being displayed to taunt the USSR like in the 60s

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